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Mixed semitrailer

Hydraulic or motorised
Mixing trailer

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To increase your flexibility, our EUROMIX concrete mixers and tippers can be used as semi-trailers. A significant advantage lies in the exchangeable use with a low order backlog for concrete transports and thus in the immediate flexible use of the tractor for bulk materials such as sand, gravel, soil movements, etc.



Load volume



Up to

19.420 l

Geometric volume


Technical data

EM10L - 10M³ (Light variant)
Capacity nominal 10 m³
Geometric volume 16.500 l
Water tank volume 10.510 l
Tank inclination 11.3 °
Total weight in kg 7,300 kg
Material Hardox® 450
EM10R - 10M³
Capacity nominal10 m³
Geometric volume16.500 l
Water tank volume10.510 l
Tank inclination11.3 °
Total weight in kg6,590 kg
MaterialSteel S355
EM12R - 12M³
Capacity nominal12 m³
Geometric volume19.420 l
Water tank volume12.100 l
Tank inclination10.5 °
Total weight in kg7,450 kg
MaterialSteel S355
EM15R - 15M³
Capacity nominal15 m³
Geometric volume24.390 l
Water tank volume15.200 l
Tank inclination9.3 °
Total weight in kg8,150 kg
MaterialSteel S355


Motor available separately

More transport due to low unladen weight

Light variant available

Individual lacquer finishes possible

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Euromix Regular (R)
Our standard.

The overall design and construction are characterised by their robustness and durability under the toughest operating conditions, with the stiffened and extremely solid frame construction at the heart. The centre of gravity is extremely low and, in combination with an optimised load distribution, offers you increased safety at various working phases of filling, transport and unloading. Solid and robust machine construction for your operation!

Light (L) & Super Light (SL)
Our lightweight.

Weight savings are important for countries with axle load restrictions, as well as for increasing the payload in general. The advantages are above all an optimal use of resources and a reduction of the costs per transported cubic metre of concrete! For both cases, we offer you the optimal solutions with our Light and Super Light concrete mixer variants, which are leading in terms of weight savings as well as durability. 


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